Serengeti Nationa Park

Being surrounded by millions of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle is a phenomenon you will never forget. In their annual migration north they stampede over open plains, plunge into rivers almost as if they are possessed and are endlessly chased by predators. Serengeti is a World Heritage Site, biosphere reserve and one of the New Seven Wonders of Africa.

The park lives up to its ancient Maasai name

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Lake Manyara National Park

Ernest Hemmingway called Manyara the loveliest lake he had seen in Africa. And he might have been right. Stretched out at the base of the mighty Rift Valley escarpment, with shorelines colored pink by thousands of flamingos and great game viewing in a small area, it is a true African gem indeed.

Locked in between the Rift Valley,

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Tarangire National Park

Tarangire. A gathering of giants in a picture perfect African landscape. The undulating savannah woodland, dotted with majestic baobabs – many of which are estimated to be over 2000 years old – is home to the largest elephant population in northern Tanzania. And when the dust blows the plains dry, game viewing is nothing less than breathtaking. Late in the dry season, the park hosts the highest density of wildlife of almost anywhere on

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Katavi National Park

Only a handful of adventurous souls ever make it to Katavi. Those who do are treated to a mesmerizing experience. Tanzania’s third largest national park, Katavi is a legendary wilderness: remote, free and undisturbed. The sheer number of animals on show is mindboggling, in quantity and variety.

Katavi is one of the few parks with the highest biodiversity in Africa. Your view changes from

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Ruaha National Park

Ruaha combines the untrammelled wilderness of Katavi with the jaw-dropping vastness and wildlife of Serengeti and Tarangire. In the largest national park of East Africa your safari begins the moment the airstrip comes into sight, the pilot deftly maneuvering past the giraffe and zebra roaming around.

Flowing across the base of the Rift Valley at an altitude of almost 1,000m, the great river that

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Mikumi National Park

The seemingly infinite horizon and rich wildlife make you feel like being on the Serengeti Plains – but you are not. Welcome to the Mkata Floodplain, the flagship attraction of Mikumi, safely tucked in between the Rubeho and Uluguru mountains. Picturesque at every time of day, the light at dusk and dawn makes a visit to the plains truly mesmerizing.

Flowing across the base of the Rift Valley at an

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Saadani National Park

Saadani is a one of a kind paradise where beach life meets wilderness. This gives you not only the opportunity to plunge into the Indian Ocean straight after your safari, but also to be submerged in a unique display of both marine and mainland flora and fauna in a naturally fascinating setting.

Saadani is the only wildlife sanctuary in Tanzania bordering the Indian Ocean. Gazetted in 2005, it

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Gombe National Park

The ancient forests may look tranquil and serene, but don’t let looks fool you. Underneath the canopy, adventure awaits. Home to many marvelous creatures, one stands out in particular. Get ready for a thrilling encounter with our closest genetic relative: the chimpanzee.

Gombe is one of the smallest of Tanzania’s national parks and is easily made up by the sheer excitement of meeting its famous

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Rubondo National Park

Located on the south-west shores of Lake Victoria, Rubondo Island National Park includes Rubondo Island and several other small islands of Lake Victoria.

The park boasts for its rich and diverse variety of butterflies and bird life, easily viewable from the lake shore. The rare Sitatunga, an extremely endangered amphibious antelope, can sometimes be viewed escaping from the

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